The Skin Prep - Self Care System
The Skin Prep - Self Care System
The Skin Prep - Self Care System

The Skin Prep - Self Care System

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3 simple steps to beautiful skin.

Introducing the versatile, re-usable pad for beautiful skin by the skin prep.

Use this pad to gently wipe your face or body to remove makeup, cleanse skin, remove a face mask or exfoliant, apply tan, moisturise your body….the list is endless.

Simply add water (and your fave skin care product), gently wipe your face, wash and re-use the pad!

Each Facial pad is equivalent to 500 make up wipes.

The skin prep’s Self Care System includes;

  • 3 Facial Pads
  • 1 Washbag
  • 1 Headband

Proudly Australian owned and designed.

The Skin Prep was created by two Bendigo women with big dreams and big hearts.

They started the skin prep to bring a self-care product to local men and women. Everyone wants clear, beautiful, radiant skin, but not everybody knows how to achieve that. The easiest step to start your journey to this is cleansing your skin, whether that be to create a clean canvas for makeup or to take makeup off.

Environmental sustainability is an issue close to their hearts. Therefore they wanted to create a safe and healthy world for all of our children to live in, one without unneeded and discarded waste. 1.3 billion makeup wipes are thrown into landfill each and every day, taking years upon years to break down; the ski prep thought 'there has to be a better way'. Their reusable, versatile pad is one easy way for us all to make a small difference.