Tea Collective - Assam CTC
Tea Collective - Assam CTC
Tea Collective - Assam CTC

Tea Collective - Assam CTC

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From the beautiful north-east of India our Assam Jalinga Estate tea uses a CTC (cut, tear, curl) production method. This gives this broken tea a very strong, dark coloured cup. As a heavy & spicy black tea it is most suited to be served with milk & sugar. 

This organic & biodiverse farm is the only CO2 Neutral certified tea estate in the world. 


  • Pure Black Tea

Size: Boutique Jar & 100gm Loose Leaf Tea

Brewing instructions: Place a heaped teaspoon of tea per cup (250ml) into a teapot, tea bottle or infuser and brew for 3-5+ minutes. Drink 1 – 4 cups daily and reuse your tea leaves each time.

Why The Tea Collective:

Drinking tea is exactly this – a ritual and an opportunity to pause, to bond with others over a shared sensory experience, which calms the body, but stimulates the mind. It is different from coffee because it takes time, so to drink tea you really have to commit.

As pioneers in luxury & bespoke tea blends, we pride ourselves on our creative & imaginative blend & exquisite single origin teas.

Becci Fowler founded The Tea Collective in 2014 starting with a beautiful little bricks and mortar tea-room in the coastal town of Newcastle. Spending years working in high-end hospitality around the world, sourcing quality products for clients and collaborating with world-class chefs to bring unique flavour profiles and ideas to life. Returning home to Australia, it seemed a natural evolution to open her own boutique space, where she created more than 120 hand-blended teas.

Within six months of opening, The Tea Collective was named Best Tea Menu in Australia and Best Tea House in NSW. With collaborations with brands such as Maxwell & Williams and David Jones, The Tea Collective is excited to grow and share their passion for all things tea with the world.


At The Tea Collective we have created vessels that you will want to keep using. Once you purchase your boutique jar - you just need to purchase your recyclable refills. Better for the environment, better for your wallet!

Should you not want to store your tea in your jar anymore, why not give your jar a second chance as a flower vase, cotton ball holder, pencil holder or a new home for a plant. If you have used your jar for something else, please send us a pic! We would love to share your ideas. Alternatively, check your local council and their recycling program.