Dr Sleek Beard Oil - Havana

Dr Sleek Beard Oil - Havana

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Stop clogging your pores with heavy, sticky beard oils. We have the solution to beard and skin hydration. No more mess, no more flakey beard, no more itch. The hype is real, Dr Sleek Beard Oil and Cologne has changed the way we hydrate our beards.

We have developed a mess free, gentle on skin, lightweight, breathable formula using trusted, local Australian certified ingredients. 

No more greasy fingers or claggy face breakouts. it simply melts away.

More than just conditioning, Dr Sleek Lab Beard Oil is designed to deliver crucial vitamins and minerals needed for optimum beard and skin health instantly. 

Paired with our carefully crafted, memorable signature scent, Havana137, it is a 'must to add' to your everyday routine.


SCENT: Havana137 is warm, confident and calming. It exudes old school confidence. 

"Sitting at a beach side bar in on a warm summer night; negroni in one hand and a cuban in the other."

Notes of cuban tobacco, Madagascan Vanilla, orange peel and smokey bayleaf. 


Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Argania Spinosa l (Organic Argan Oil), Camelina Sativa (Organic Cam Elina Oil) Fragrance, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Niacin (Vitamin 83) Just get it already I can't believe you are reading the ingredients. 

Get to know Dr Sleek

What makes their sensitive skin beard oil the best in Australia? Grab yourself a snack and take a seat while they introduce themselves:

  • They use locally sourced, certified organic oils and vitamins, designed to get your beard and your skin in top-notch condition. From the boardroom to the bar, Dr Sleek will have you looking and smelling like success!
  • Each one of their beard oils is lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne, right down to the labels.
  • Their signature scents have been crafted like colognes, with delicate high and low notes. 
  • Sneaky bonus: as the oil melts into the skin, it mingles with your natural ph levels and creates different notes. This means that you’ve essentially created your own natural, individual signature scent!