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The Best Beard Combs in Australia that Money Can Buy

Dr Sleek pride ourselves on our high-quality beard solutions, from top-of-the-line beard oils to wooden beard combs that’ll last you a lifetime. We’ve done our research, and have crafted what we believe to be the best wooden beard comb in Australia today. Here’s why this is a bandwagon worth jumping on.

The origin story of the best beard brush in Australia

Ready to hear an epic tale? Here’s how Dr Sleek’s beard brushes came to be:

  • We started off with one piece of knowledge: that we needed wide teeth on our comb, capable of moving easily through the hair, reducing friction and helping to detangle hair.
  • We then set about identifying the perfect material to use. We looked at plastic, bone and metal, before finally settling on wood as our material of choice. Turns out wooden beard combs slide smoothly through the hair, leading to less breakage and damage. We also found that wood was excellent for distributing skin oils, allowing your accompanying Dr Sleek beard oil to thoroughly soak into your skin and hair.
  • Then we let our woodworker go to town on some blocks of wood. We knew that we wanted our beard comb to feel solid and ergonomic in the hand while offering functionality through its wide teeth.
  • Soon, the final form of our wooden beard comb began to take shape. With some sanding and a beautiful lacquer, we have the completed product: an absolute beaut of a beard comb!

Get to know Dr Sleek

What makes their sensitive skin beard oil the best in Australia? Grab yourself a snack and take a seat while they introduce themselves:

  • They use locally sourced, certified organic oils and vitamins, designed to get your beard and your skin in top-notch condition. From the boardroom to the bar, Dr Sleek will have you looking and smelling like success!
  • Each one of their beard oils is lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne, right down to the labels.
  • Their signature scents have been crafted like colognes, with delicate high and low notes. 
  • Sneaky bonus: as the oil melts into the skin, it mingles with your natural ph levels and creates different notes. This means that you’ve essentially created your own natural, individual signature scent!