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Journal - One Plus One Workbook
Journal - One Plus One Workbook
Journal - One Plus One Workbook
Journal - One Plus One Workbook

Journal - One Plus One Workbook

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Start to take control of your Relationships with our One. Plus One. Workbook.

Whether you are looking to create a positive relationship with your partner, your family or your workmates, relationships can be difficult when you don't have the tools to manage yourself and your emotions.

This workbook is all about emotional intelligence for relationships. Meaning the more you understand you and your partner, the more you can create the relationship you want. Learn how to take control of your emotions, build your confidence and communicate effectively. This workbook is eye opening and will help you in more ways that you can imagine!

You will learn how to master your relationship by:

  • Learning how to create a positive relationship
  • Understand your love languages and your partner's
  • Understand and work with your partner's personality style
  • Learn how to set boundaries and stick to them
  • Learn how to express how you feel and be understood
  • And MORE!


This workbook and journal provides practical exercises helping you to implement the strategies as you go and create lasting change. Here are the sections below. Each section has many different exercises and reflections for you to put into practice your learnings! 

Self Love and Your Energy

First its about you, learn to manage your energy before you navigate relationships and see the immediate difference in the outcome of your conversations and connections.

Understand to Be Understood

Learn the ART of Listening, sounds simple but it's the hardest thing to do... take on our techniques and transform your relationships as you uncover tools and reflections that will transform your relationship. 

Setting Boundaries
Pinpoint weak boundaries and your impenetrable boundaries and how these can hinder our connection and growth in relationships. Learn how to build strong boundaries that enable connection and authenticity.

Scripts for Conversations
Learn how to choose your words carefully to create a conversation for a win win outcome. Express yourself effectively without getting flustered or angry! 

Relationship Qualities
Knowing What You Want
Being What You Want 

Unhelpful Thinking
Identify your Unhelpful thinking patterns and learn ways to change these!

Personality Profiling
Learn different languages to help you get on the same page and explore the world of personalities as you discover the DISC profile and how this can help navigate relationship challenges.

This beautiful 150 page A5 hard cover workbook will keep you intrigued and wanting to share your insights with all your friends. 

Start working on your relationships today!